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Chessington World of Adventures


After its transformation from Chessington Zoo in 1987, Chessington has gone from strength to strength in terms of popularity, and has a rich history of highly themed attractions. Some would say that quality has been lacking lately, with recent additions looking cheap and temporary. But the older attractions really do stand out, especially Professor Burp's Bubbleworks!

Maps and guide books

Inlcudes original 1987 map, 1990 guidebook, and Chessington's original mascots!

TV and radio adverts

Whatever happened to Dr. Chessington?

Professor Burp's Bubbleworks

The full audio of the ride, to download or stream. Also pictures.

The 5th Dimension

Before Terror/Forbidden Tomb was a more innocent age where guests helped Zappomatic to remove the Gorg from the TV. Here is the webs' only and most in depth guide, with comments from John Wardley and Douglas Adams.

Everything else

Music and pictures from everything else in the park, including The Vampire.