Update: Dan Longley, an ex-Tussauds Studios AV technician, tells us about the ride.

As a young child, The 5th Dimension had to have been my favourite ride at Chessington. It so perfectly captured that 1980's style; after all, we'd all been watching cartoons on TV such as Transformers and Thundercats. Born in 1984, I was at the ideal age to enjoy this fantastic ride before its premature death in 1994, when it became the Terror Tomb.

The recent explosion in 80's nostalgia on TV awakened my memories of this ride. Motivated to rediscover this ride, I decided to share my discovery with the world and create this site. Searching far and wide on the net, I failed to find a trace of this ride's existence, save for a few passing references and an out of date extract from a guide book. So with absolutely no resources at hand, it was up to me to do all the work. I am fortunate and privileged enough to have received continuing help and resources from John Wardley (yes, THE John Wardley!), Chessington World of Adventures (specifically James Paulding and Lee Glyde) and Farmer Studios. Individual contributors so far are Tom Hourigan and Neil Harris. Thank you all very much - without you, this wouldn't be possible.

So please, enjoy this site, post your memories in the guestbook and email me if you have anything to share!




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