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Chessington adverts


Click to download1995 Dr. Chessington advert

1995 saw the appearance of a new mascot/character for Chessington: Dr Chessingon! Supposedly he lived deep in the cellars of Burnt Stub Mansion, keeping an eye over the lands. Surely it's just coincidence that a year later, I began to feel that Chessington had lost its family atmosphere and charm?

So here he is in his very own advert. This is a high quality RealVideo clip to download. 2.1 MB in size. (Streaming and different formats coming soon!) Click the image to download.

Beanoland radio advert



Get Happy! (Terrortomb)

This short advert was one of a series of adverts using the slogan "Get Happy!". Most people found these a little irritating, probably because of the association with Ken Dodd! Points of interest in thise one include the added sand and flaming torches, and the fact that the couple exit where they went in. Oh and that slap looks quite hard!

Download (600K)