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Professor Burp's Bubbleworks

"Burp, and the world burps with you"

Professor Burp's Bubbleworks was installed in 1990 along with The Vampire, as a new land called Transylvania. A magical tour around a fizzy pop factory, at the time of opening it was considered to be the best dark ride in Europe and to many people still is! In recent years it has looked in need of a little TLC, but restrictions on who can ride plus a bit of a clean up have seen an improvement.


Something lacking at Chessington lately has been imaginative merchandise, or at least something that can be associated with a particular attraction. In years gone by, you could actually buy Professor Burp's Lemonade in the shop as you exited the ride! And look... a miniature model of one of the factory workers!

Guidebook photos

These photos come from the 1990 guidebook. (Click thumbnail for full size image in new window)

Bubbleworks ring tone

Here is a Bubbleworks ringtone for your Nokia mobile phone! Before you spend ages tapping it in, click the MP3 icon to hear it.

2e2 2g2 16c2 32- 8d2 8- 2c2 4d2 4e2 4g2 4f2 2e2

2- 4d2 2e2 2g2 16c2 32- 8d2 8- 2c2 2- 2a2 2c3 16a2

32- 16g2 4- 2f2 16- 2c2 4e2 16- 2a2 16- 4c2 2e2 2d2 1c2


The entire Bubbleworks soundtrack plus the exterior music, for download and streaming. Just click the link!